Six storey building collapses in Lagos

27 Oct

Six storey building collapses in Lagos

LAGOS – There was pandemonium yesterday as a six-storey building located at 11 Aderibigbe street in Maryland area of Lagos collapsed.

An eye witness told Vanguard that at about 3.30 pm occupants of the building heard a loud noise which shook the building violently leaving cracks on the walls.
It was gathered that all the occupants of the building were evacuated when there were signs the collapse was imminent and they all gathered outside watching until the building gradually started giving way.

Three officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority, LASEMA, who arrived the scene before the building collapsed at 6.30 pm had cordoned off the Aderibigbe Street and restricted movement of people and vehicles.

Over ten different companies were occupying the building before the collapse which included Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, CITN, SCIB Nigeria and Company Limited, Okay God Investment Limited, Klear Concept Limited, Global PMG Ltd Jira and Associates amongst others.

More than 300 staff of the companies were seen scampering for safety when they heard a loud bang coming from the building. It was gathered that no casuality was recorded in the incident.

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