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Man, Machines and Monsters – Pacific Rim Companion Book

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‘Amazing Spider Man 2′ Casting Promo in Chicago, L.A. and Minneapolis

Casting Calls And Auditions

Spider-Man 2 is looking for the biggest Spider Man fans in the Chicago, , L.A. and Minneapolis area.

NBC Universal is casting a nationwide promotional campaign and is having a search for the biggest Spidey fan around!

 The Amazing Spiderman casting

The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is looking for Kids, Comic book fans,adventurers and others who love Spidey for a chance to be cast in a special promo which will let those selected swing like Spiderman, go behind the scenes and meet the cast in either Los Angeles or New York. The movie will hit theaters on May 2nd!

Five people will be cast for this once in a lifetime chance and those fans will get a trip to New York or Los Angeles with all expenses paid. The people cast for this project will appear on Television in a special “The Amazing Spider-Man” special that will air on…

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Movie Review: Need for Speed

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Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 3/16/14

The Caffeine Crew

The devil is always in the details when it comes to any work of art and no less with cosplay (this is the cause of my current anxiety, since I’m trying to figure out this crazy makeup thing, but I digress…) Today’s cosplay is Megara from Disney’s Hercules, a story that they…kinda altered just a little. I still enjoyed it, probably because by the time I saw their watered down version I was old enough to know the original mythology behind it. So I give it a pass.

Her makeup is absolutely flawless and her hair is pretty much as close to the cartoon as you’re going to get with the physics of reality (another one of my serious considerations, but…goddamn it SN stay on point!)


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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Recently I saw the 8th and final Harry Potter movie on Blue Ray DVD. In an introduction to the movie celebrated author of the seven Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling, talked about the 13 year adventure from the time the first Harry Potter book was published until the time the 8th movie was finished. In case you did not know, the 7th book was long and made into two movies. They probably should have made books five and six into two movies each, but I digress.


The really remarkable thing about the series was not that it made eight movies, turned Daniel Radcliffe into one of the richest people in England and Rowling into a Billionaire. It is not that Radcliffe and his costars, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, are now the most famous wizards of all time, or even that a wonderful theme park was opened in Florida to…

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The Great Gatsby 1974 and 2013

Bored, well lets watch something!

thegreatgatsby Two movie miles apart in some ways and very familiar in other.
1974 Robert Redford & Mia Farrow, it had memorable music more appropriate for the movie at the time.
2013 Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan, although I like this version of the movie, the music didn’t do it for me.
But they are worth watching to understand F. Scott Fitzgerald sad story about love in the 20’s.

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Weekend Movie Update – March 7, 2014: ‘Rise of an Empire’

Weekend Movie Update – March 7, 2014: ‘Rise of an Empire’

OBX Entertainment

Mr. Peabody & Sherman face the Rise of an Empire in theaters this week, while Forrest Gump turns into Walt Disney at The Pioneer.

Here’s your Outer Banks Movie Update for the weekend of March 7, 2014!

'An Empire' rises in the sequel to '300'. ‘An Empire’ rises in the sequel to ‘300’.

 Premiering this Friday at the historic Pioneer Theatre in Manteo for a two-week run, the drama Saving Mr. Banks (rated PG13) tells the true story of how Disney’s classic Mary Poppins made it to the screen, with Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips) as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee) as Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers.

Tom Hanks is Walt Disney in 'Saving Mr. Banks'. Tom Hanks is Walt Disney in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’.

Showtime at the Pioneer is 8pm nightly.

You can watch an official trailer in the player below!

Leading this week’s new releases is the action fantasy 300: Rise of an Empire (rated R), premiering tonight in…

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